Review: Max Cavalerra: The Bigger The Better EP (broque)

After numerous releases on the Cologne based Karmarouge and the Broque netlabel, Max Cavalerra doesn�t need much of an introduction. In this EP he points out he�s able to manage different styles of contemporary techno. Deep, bass-driven techno, bumpy clickno as well as incorporating warm melodies without losing touch with the percussion structure underneath. This EP is a truly proof of his capabilities to capture an idea into quality music, whatever the vibe of the track is.

For me, �Function� and �In Memory of Voilett� are the ones you should pay special attention to. �In Memory of Violet� stands out the most with subtle layered percussions and a warm soothing melody which makes you forget how apathetic techno could sound. �Function� on the other hand, is a bouncing groovy piece with a nice percussion-fed hook in the middle of the track. Especially the way the break falls in, with rambling stabs and cuts without losing touch with the original groove, is work of subtle perfection. Other tracks such as �1000cm� and the industrial techy �Impact� are perfectly suitable for any occasion to be played out through the night.

With clearly a couple of tracks standing out of the bunch you could say this is a mediocre release but the variety Cavalerra shows in this package will inevitably make this EP especially useful and appreciated around the globe. A solid release nonetheless with some highly recommended tracks.