Netwaves: made in China

well euh, a sort of, we did our very best to find some Chinese related netlabel stuff, and here is the result (you can also listen in the flashplayer top right, episode 73). This is also the last episode for this season. We slowly restart in september, to get in full speed in October with a nice surprise ...


01. 3pm - Zenlu
02. Ideal of Maoism - Red Unit
03. Sunset - Red Unit
04. Reds in FarEast - Red Unit
05. Sweet - 48V
06. bamboo room - Blue Lotus Dream
07. I Want to China - Chikiss
08. danger signal - Double Fish
09. chao phraya express - Blue Lotus Dream
10. The ghost of cartoon monster - Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques de Pluie
11. Firecrackers - Red Hot Wok
12. 1 - Siba