Gilberto Gil and CC

photo by Joi Ito

Gilberto Gil, one of the godfathers of Bossa nova in Brasil, tells: "The author laws, the author rights, I mean, they belong to�the way they are set and the laws are written and applied and everything, that all belongs to a previous period, you know, previous time, an analog, so to speak, an analog time. Now, the digital area, the digital era enable us to extend and expand cultural products and cultural goods and cultural possibilities to a level that we�we have to also rewrite and reshape the legal framework and the regulatory framework, so that it can adjust to the new possibilities. That�s what Creative Commons is about, bringing possibilities to manage their own work, you know, to the creators, so that the songwriters, the theater play writers, the book writers, and so and so, can have the possibilities to manage their own work and say�and determine what their work will serve for."

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