new platform for musicians in Europe

Under the bombastic subtitle "The European Digital Music Revolution" a new web community is just born, Younison:
"Younison is the first European Pressure Platform that gives Artists, DJ/producers, Managers and Organizers in the Music Industry a voice to speak up with and to actually change the way our business will be organised in the future."

In the FAQ there's an explanation for the subtitle:
"What do you mean with the Digital Music Revolution?
Besides being a great new tool for everyone in the music industry to contact each other, share friends and colleages, comment on professional experiences and even have the possibiliy to visualy compare each others calendar in order to fine tune meetings in bands and making life easier for artists, managers and organisers, Younison aims at being the first pressure platform .
By bringing you volatile news and collecting visions and votes, we aim to influence policy makers in doing the right thing for our business. We will report on the most urgent subjects that need upgrading.
By means of polling your views on certain crucial topics, we will activate a debate on high level thus urging political change, without the interference of collecting societies speaking in your name.
We do not intend to destroy, we intend to change and help rebuild what has gone wrong so long...
You give us the ammunition by joining and participating, Younison will trigger The Digital Music Revolution!"