mixed emotions

(photo embe - cc license by-nc-sa)

netwaves.org is very very proud to announce its next musical achievement. The mixtape netlabel OP3N sent netwaves.org an invitation to make a mixtape, and this resulted in "Netwaves: mixed emotions". This mix is not a showcase of DJ skills in the first place, but rather an anthology of musical pearls hidden in the vast amount of tunes on the internet. The songs are alternated by field recordings, taped in Louvain, a little university town in Belgium. Besides being the hometown of netwaves.org, it is also famous for its beer Stella Artois.

The mix was compiled by embe, with a little help from TransistorLab.
Also available at an archive in your neighbourhood.

We also want to thank the very busy bee Applezup for the great care and his patience and for this opportunity.

01. Station: Arrival Train - embe
02. Feel No Other - Ixtlan
03. Truth - Env
03. Busstation - embe
04. Durch Das Fenster In Die Nacht - Freiraum
05. The Flow - Be.One
06. Student restaurant Alma 2 - embe
07. Swimming in dirty water - Audio Mjao
08. Sleep - Tree Wave
09. Alma 2 Outside - embe
10. amor-tiguar - (svag) gra kran
11. analog - Zeichensprecher
12. Carillon from the University Library - embe
13. Inside The Field - Philipp Weigl
14. Maya - Monokle
15. On the street - embe
16. the shadow of John Maynard Keynes - Cellular
17. Noch (remix) - Unit 21 feat. Twin Solo
18. Pub - embe
19. Down - Elektrovog
20. Geosynchronous (i'll give you the moon) - 3x!13
21. Oude Markt - embe
22. Horse don't fly - M.A.Z.C.A.
23. Supersynth - Resynthesize
24. Radio Scorpio - embe
25. Deckchair Anthem - Hinterlandt
26. Fall - Xerxes
27. Station: Train Stops - embe