'La Boite A Sons' est arriv� pr�s de chez vous

"Summer 2009 : LibreCommeLair (LCL) opens a free creative commons sound bank filled by the artists who collaborated or released on the label. To spread the new, LCL decides to organize a remix contest based on the sound bank. Some musicians remixed one track, some mashed up two, others mixed up several and one even used all the samples in the same track (guess wich one) !

Early 2011 : after monthes of dilemna, a jury composed of Netaudio and Creative Commons music actors makes a selection of the contest entries. This Jury is composed by FreeMusicArchive (U.S.), Notheen (Hungary), Subflow (France), DivergenceFM (France), INQ (Spain), Netwaves (Belgium), Netaudio Berlin (Germany), AQuietBump (Italy), iD.EOLOGY (Germany) and Dogmazic (France).

Here is their selection, casted into the form of a dense and impetuous compilation of 10 sonic candies browsing a wide musical spectrum.
Dub, reggae, d'n'b, hip hop, electronica, all for your aural pleasure !"

LibreCommeLair is your quality netlabel with lots of free dub, reggae, ragga, dubstep, world, electronic fusion, hip hop, ... Netwaves is honoured and happy for the participation as member of jury in this project.

Download the compilation at archive.org:

... or listen here:

La boite a sons - Compilation release (LCL26) by LibreCommeLair

Work found at https://www.lclweb.org/audio_compilation_lcl26.htm / cc by-nc-nd

LibreCommeLair // Various artists : La boite a sons (LCL26 - free download dub electro hip hop compilation)
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