netwaves.bpm has left the building ...

... of the AperO!

foto: "stazione di Roma 1981" by embe - cc:by-nc-sa

A few weeks ago, we announced our dismission of the netwaves.bpm live @ AperO concept (read announcement). You can listen now, with some delay (mix dates from 2010-12-29), to the farewell mix made by our resident mp3-jays RuE9.

Downloadpage of the compilation + podcast:
https://www.archive.org/details/nws.bpm014 (new tab/window)

Listen to [nws.bpm014] music for departures

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7 AM - D25
Goodlife - camera singula
Sr. Click - Toyl
bject - how could i
Spielmusik - Violine
Markus Masuhr - Funcktion
7am - On The Wire
Nico Forster - Palapa
Traffic Jam - Secret
Criss - Clorophillah
Goodlife - fever pitch
Tom Mosler - Random Sunset
Naucca - urban design
Naucca - Lights
Goodlife - airborne sound
DML - F�r S
Stikleader - heliamphora
Pineapple Malibu.mp3
7 AM - D25 (Maciek Szymczuk Remix)
Markus Masuhr - Maria Su Et La
Martin Garnier - All Hope Is Gone
Kazooo - Blue Oyster
Elastique V. and Matt van K. - armature
7 AM - Closer.mp3
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - muttitasking
Hermetico - olvidada
Traffic Jam - Logic
Naucca - Big
Brandon Plank - Afterlife
Naucca - talk is cheap
Jose Ayen - al otro lado
Kazooo - Trickitout
Traffic Jam - Tivoli Signal
7am - Elephant
Sr.Click - Los Andes
Naucca - mnml plus
James McConaghew - Coldlime