netlabel compilations

A good start to netlabelism is to start listening to compilations (and mixes): filter your own favorites out of it, go to the netlabels related to these artists and discover your own favorite netlabels.

I have put some links to compilations at the 'links' > 'listen' sector of my website:

Why is the podcast 'netwaves' in this list, you'll ask?: well, since episode "[nws134] netwaves 4.20: what the funk!", we offer the songs played in the podcast separately as a compilation. Netwaves thinks there is a strong need for eclectic anthologies, and compilations are an easy way to discover new talent. Another reason for the compilations is that the podcast is dutch spoken, and therefore is less relevant for a lot of people. At the end, it's all about music.
Netwaves wants to do this retrospective for all its episodes, so we will have a beautiful collection of eclectic netlabel compilations. This is not for tomorrow, watch out for announcements.

Tips for other compilations are welcome: post a comment!