another one bites the dust

Portuguese netlabel Merzbau, specialised in indietronic, new-folk and post-pop/rock has put a farewell message on its epitaph:
"Merzbau maintained activity between 2005 and 2009. Since then this label is finished. Meanwhile all the content will still be able for download so that everyone can share our legacy. Thanks for visiting. /
Merzbau existiu entre 2005 e 2009. A sua activadade est� neste momento finalizada, no entanto todos os conte�dos editados mant�m-se activos para que o seu legado n�o se perca. Obrigado por vistiarem."

We recommend to watch the intriguing video at our netwaves blog again.

Here's netwaves' subjective anthology:

Sea Scent - Tape Tum
Porto Largo - Alexandre Bateiras
Miniatura Sax�nica - b (fachada)
mon coeur c'est du chinois - Charles C. Oldman
Honey Bunny - The Fart Simpson Band
Colours - Lobster
Look What they've Done - Walter Benjamin
San Francisco / Amsterdam - b (fachada)
Renault 5 - Guilherme Canh�o
to berlin! - Katzgraben

You can send your last greetings to Merzbau.