Creative Commons and non-commercial: a questionnaire

CC international is urgently seeking for people who want to take 15-25 minutes to complete a questionnaire about the understanding of �NonCommercial� use. The questionnaire runs through December 7.

�The study has direct relevance to Creative Commons� mission of providing free, flexible copyright licenses that are easy to understand and simple to use,� said Creative Commons CEO Joi Ito. �The NC term is a popular option for creators choosing a Creative Commons license, and that tells us the term meets a need. However, as exponentially increasing numbers of works are made available under CC licenses, we want to provide additional information for creators about the contexts in which the NC term may further or impede their intentions with respect to the works they choose to share, and we want to make sure that users clearly understand those intentions. We expect the study findings will help us do a better job of explaining the licenses and to improve them, where possible. We also hope the findings, which will be made publicly available, will contribute to better understanding of some of the complexities of digital distribution of content.�
via CC int.