A Little Introduction

My name is Distreality, Producer / DJ. My music varies in style from Dub over Breakbeat to EBM/Industrial. Because I am a hardcore believer of creative freedom, I don't restrict myself to 1 or 2 styles of music ... You can check my stuff here. I will be bloggin here on this site, mainly about Electrobel, the site where you can find my music and much more.

Electrobel (ebel) is Belgium's largest Creative Commons (CC) site.
Founded in 2003 by Zark, ebel's webmaster, the site quickly grew from a handfull of users to a community that today counts over 10.000 tracks from 1000+ users. Recently new portals opened in France, Holland, The UK and Italy.

What is unique about Electrobel is the fact that an artist can upload his music for free, other people can download for free and leave comments, give votes,...thus creating a very interactive environment ... Through electrobel new musical collaborations between artists have been born, making it even more interesting ...
Apart from all this Electrobel also operates as a netlabel, with 5 releases so far, the full album of D-Brane, being the most recent addition...

But enough blah-blah, go check it out for yourself, a new world will open - and you'll love it !!!