no - yes - no netwaves this week!

Last update! Netwaves was on 'air' last night, only via stream, but no record could be done because of the technical troubles. We will recast this episode next week, so you have to wait one week for the podcast and compilation. Shit can happen :-(

Update!: there will be netwaves tonight, though only via stream, but that's no problem for our internet-public ;-).
So point your player at 22:00 CET to

Due to problems with the national broadcast authorities, our host Radio Scorpio will not be able to cast our emission from netwaves - as well as other programs - this evening, wednesday 29 sep.

The technicians and managers of Radio Scorpio are looking for a solution.

Netwaves.bpm will be playing @ caf� AperO this evening, though without live streaming. Deejay combo tonight is RuE9.

image by TZM (cc:by), found on Wikipedia: