Netwaves has an interview with Bart from 'Ram Sabam!', a petition and musical protest action against the greed of the Belgian collecting society Sabam.
During this episode we had several difficulties with wrong mp3's and presenting/editing on the fly, and it's the first improvised presentation by netwaves.bpm's Erwin, which rather turns out to be nice. Oeffa!

Download or listen to [nws114] netwaves 3.38.


(*) 1 Discofever - Billy The Kill
(*) 2 Toekomst - Irri & Hugo
(*) 3 Marc - Gino's Eyeball
4 Two In A Bush - Gianfredo Konig
5 purpledrops - Clarke Cassidy
6 The Cloudmaker (2008 edit) - Loran Valdek
7 Humps - Zappy
8 josefina - Christian Dittmann
9 Briolin (Original Mix) - DJ LoviLAz

(*) The first three songs are without any license: contact their respective makers before taking any further action