Netwaves expands in several waves

Three important announcements:
1. Release: Netwaves Bytes: Electro 1
Netwaves is proud to present its first virtual CD: Netwaves Bytes: Electro 1. This compilation is the first in a series that represent the best netlabel tunes from all over the world. Netaudio is not about profit figures, it's about creativity and independence. For the music lover, this means open, free music without lawyers.
This release gives an anthology of the best electro on the internet from the past 5 years.
Because the musicians use the Creative Commons license, people are free to download, copy and spread the music.
Download your copy here, put it on your website, podcast, blog it, ... but be sure to publish the playlist with the artists!
Check our brandnew netlabel 'Netwaves Records'
Download 'Netwaves Bytes: Electro 1'
2. From monday 6 oct. on, Netwaves will be broadcasting for 4 hours, instead of 1 hour! Netwaves begins its normal formula 1 hour later, ie. 21:00, followed by the brandnew Netwaves.bpm at 22:00. As the name already tells, this will be a more beats related casting, netlabel music revised in a mix under supervision of RuE9. At 23:00 Netwaves.bpm plays guest mixes, found on the internet. 24:00 our own Cap starts his own mish-mash of scapes, texts, wizardry found on the web, and free thanks to Creative Commons. The best stuff will be uploaded from time to time to Netwaves.bpm.
3. This same monday, Netwaves is pointed out by Radio Scorpio to start streaming tests via the internet. You can listen to the stream at this webaddress. This, again, is available thanks to all the netlabels and artists that support Creative Commons.

Check it out! ... and welcome to season 3.00, starting monday 6 oct. 21:00 with [nws077] Netwaves 3.01. Relisten here in the little 'Apture' window (hover with your mouse over this text).