cool recent releases

If you like electro and the indietronic spectre of music, this one's for you: Aquilone with Aeleria [muerte012] on Muertepop.
Listen to this emo-electrical Digitone (CC by-nc-sa).

If you're more into post-rock, guitars, distortion and smoke, you definitely must listen to this weird post-post-rock experiment: Candy Claws with 2 songs on 1 album (Peppermill Records [pm009]), one tune of 17:48, the other is a trip of 12:19, fly on with the overpowered Two Airships (CC by-nc-nd).

The third album is more for people who like lounge, arabica, funky jazz and deserts: Rara with Dune on glam-slam [gls010]. Enjoy the funky Miles And More Stars And Stripes (CC by-nc-nd).

What do these albums have in common: there are no really highlights, but the albums have an overall fine musical quality with a feel of restyling 'old' standards.

C hear s!