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this week netwaves presents a bag full of new tunes, right from the parallel universe; this week and next two weeks we also welcome some special passengers from 'Bijt in je Vrije Tijd': these are students who are learning the Dutch language and who will present some tunes

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this week netwaves celebrates its 11th anniversary and start of season 12, all with nice tunes from the parallel universe

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"Why weepest thou?"

this week netwaves is back for the end of season 10; we selected during summer the best tunes from the parallel universe; new season 11 starts at thursday 5 oct.

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Fat electronics!

Thanks to this blog article from the FMA, i run into this interesting promo from Da ! Heard it Records, from which i discovered these French electro guys, enjoy!

The Fat - Death In Legoland [live 21/11/2014 @ Da ! Heard It Party] from Da ! Heard It Records on Vimeo.

The Fat, a band based in the north of Paris, consists of two pillars: Jacques de Candé and Thomas Suire. Louis Pontvianne and Romain Drogoul join the two comrades live. One year after their first stage performance at Instants Chavirés, aside pioneers of Russian industrial music Vetrophonia, their first album, Meat Me, comes out.

The band aims to let the synths speak. Their qualities, their flaws, the damage they’ve suffered overtime are as utilized in the conception of the pieces as are lengthy improvisation sessions.
A festival of Moog, DSI, Roland, Aelita, Jomox, Oberheim, Eowave… The use of exclusively analog machines kindles a usually cold sound into a latent dampness. The construction of the pieces from a bass line, blurry yet well-framed, thanks to a crispy solid rhythm reminiscent of Oto, accentuates our indecision between choppy gesticulations and petrified emotion.

At the beginning of the album, a languorous beat skews all pulse of excitement and favors a listening focused on all of the subtleties in the variations of sonorous matters. When the rhythm accelerates later on, a tribal dialog settles in, where the roundness of the exchanges between melodies and the rhythm box’s primary pulses tangle in despair, as if bliss only ever belonged to the past. A few infecticidian gimmicks erupt on certain tracks, and our bodies appropriate this music in a measured gestural.

Now, it is your turn to appreciate and have your emotions ascend. Shh!... Listen, there...
That little repetitive sound, in the background, in a psychotic spiral, where is it taking us to ? Are we not heading towards Forbidden Planet?
To create the visuals on the sleeve, the band called on Pia-Mélissa Laroche, a graphic illustrator that cherishes lead. Pia’s universe is a mixture of anatomical imagery and geometric volumes where spheres, cubes, and organic cells intertwine. We lose ourselves, like children, in this very personal interpretation of an infinitely small world.

“Meat Me”, Da ! Heard It Records’ 26th release is distributed under a Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND. The album can be downloaded at the following address:


Netlabel Day 2017

for the third time we celebrated 'Netlabel Day' on the 14th of july: netwaves has selected an anthology of netlabel delights, from 2003 until now, 2017, from classical to krautrock and vice-versa; these are essentials for your mp3-collection of delikatessen from the parallel music-world

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