this week netwaves presents a bunch of autumn colours from the parallel universe 🚀

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music from the past into the future

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From the Mothership:
"How would you go about introducing humanity to anyone and everyone in the universe? That was the curatorial challenge facing NASA’s best in the 1970s as they prepared to launch the Voyager One probe in 1977. They decided to include the Voyager Golden Record as part of the intergalactic calling card—it featured twenty-seven seminal songs, including Blind Willie Johnson’s 1927 recording, “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground.”

The project managers made an excellent choice; John’s lament about sorrow, pain, and loneliness, pain is timeless. That’s what makes it a great selection: Voyager 1 won’t be within 1.6 light years of AC+79 3888 until some 40,000 years from now. Between now and then, you can always listen to it at the Internet Archive."


welcome to the Netlabel Archive

Last week, i accidentally bumped into a rather new initiative that wants to archive lost netlabel releases; you can also submit or ask for lost releases:
from their website:
"Ever since the existence of digital music, there have been netlabels. Unfortunately, some netlabels don’t last long. Things happen, netlabels disappear, and the music has been wiped from the internet.
This birthed the idea of the Netlabel Archive; a website dedicated to preserving inactive netlabels that no longer have a home online."


Hollanders in hun blootje gezet

debermudadriehoekvanheemsboy.jpgHet Europees Hof sloopt het commercieel internet in zaak GeenStijl versus Blootblaadje.
Het bekende Nederlandse Geen Stijl heeft een verbod op linken naar Playboy aan haar broek. Lees het artikel hier. Bekijk een kort verslag in het filmpje hieronder.


what's next?

this week we present a sample of next 10 years of music to come from the parallel universe 🚀

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10 years netwaves!

on oct. 2nd 2006 netwaves did its first broadcast on Belgium's longest existing free independent Radio Scorpio. After ten years we're still skimming the internet for the most enthralling netlabel releases.

This resulted in following list:
376 podcasts + compilations
29 mixes
episode 142: 28.845 downloads
kopiefeest-album: 17.050 downloads
The whole list is here.

Our tenth anniversary we do celebrate with this compilation of oldies from about ten years ago: episode 376

Relisten to our first episode, a special about legendary 8bit netlabel Monotonik:

And now, up to the next ten years!

greetings netwaves team: Michel, Jan, Erwin, Jasper, Yannick