about netwaves

Netwaves is a constant changing concept consisting of different projects:
- netwaves is a weekly radio program/podcast/compilation with a dose of fresh, free music, picked directly at the artist or his netlabel. The podcast specializes in electronic music all kinds, from deep house over electro to indietronic. All free music with CC license. Have a look at our portfolio for our collection.
- netwaves.bpm is the deejaying part of netwaves, resulting in mixes and live shows.
- netwaves records is a netlabel that releases its own mixes and compilations of other netlabel tunes.
- Kopiefeest is the yearly Belgian netlabel showcase.

The project is conceived by Movement of Unexpected Pleasure / MUP vzw., a Belgian non-profit organisation, based in Leuven. The goal is to promote open culture with the focus on free music in the first place.

Buma/Stemra retoriek
cartoon: Geek and Poke license: CC-BY-ND

The Barry Jeffries - [leda001] Fuck Off Edie: Femme Fatale (announcement)

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By supporting our mission, you also support netlabel artists:
bank account nr.:
IBAN: BE82 8449 0032 9068
MUP vzw.
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