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Meet the 'Foss lawyers': An interactive community for lawyers, programmers, developers, artists, and users who care about FOSS licenses.

At the moment there's not much blogged, but you can always take a look, and maybe start a discussion or ask something.

The noun project

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Culture Freedom Day

Celebrate Free Culture with us on May 19!

K.U.Leuven kiest voor Open Access

Vanuit een van de grootste werkgevers in Leuven, komt volgende positieve wind gewaaid, het is alsof de VRT in een mededeling aankondigt om "Creative Commons-muziek" te spelen:

"Het Universiteitsbestuur heeft het voorstel goedgekeurd om Open Access aan de K.U.Leuven te implementeren. Dat zal gebeuren via het eigen, nog uit te breiden depot LIRIAS. Open Access houdt in dat onderzoekers hun onderzoeksresultaten vrij op het internet beschikbaar stellen. Het fungeert als een etalage van de onderzoeksresultaten van de universiteit en kan zo de toegankelijkheid van het onderzoek verhogen en de K.U.Leuven als onderzoeksuniversiteit profileren.
De Dienst Onderzoekscoördinatie en de Universiteitsbibliotheek zullen de uitvoering van het project verder vorm geven.

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sharing is caring is sharing

contribution by Yannick:

I've come across an article about "sharing" by Russell Belk. It's quite scientifical, but he makes some interesting remarks about the nature of sharing which can be valuable in regard to the free music-debate.

According to Belk sharing is a fundamental consumer behavior. He gives the example of sharing with household members like we do with food, but also homes, furnishings, resources and other belongings are being shared frequently. Also besides the family-context, sharing things like recipes, directions, travel tips and other information is often more the rule than the exception. However, sharing is is often overlooked or confused with commodity exchange or gift giving. In this study he explores the differences between these different forms from a primarily economical point of view. He writes that there are no absolute

netwaves @ Fosdem 2011

This year netwaves got the privilege to get a booth at Fosdem, so we took the opportunity to tell the Fosdem public about the existence of beautiful free music. We also had our burnstation Walter exposed and lots of music.
Fosdem is "the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet."

We met lots of nice, friendly people, and got in contact with many interesting projects, among them: ask an engineer Swiss webradio with netlabel music Dutch music magazine open source music notation software (our neighbours at the fair)

link Fosdem 2011

Fosdem 2011

Visit netwaves at the Fosdem event.

open source as alternative

Are you looking for a free, open alternative for iTunes, Dreamweaver or Photoshop? Just have a look at the open source as alternative / osalt website: there you look up the commercial product, then osalt will guide you to a catalogue of alternatives, all free open source projects.

The why of open source software, from their website
"By choosing an open source product, the user obtains a number of advantages compared to commercial products. Besides the fact that open source is always available for free, it is a transparent application, in that you are invited exclusively behind the scenes to view all source code and thereby to suggest improvements to the product. Furthermore, every product is covered by a large dedicated network, or community, who is more than willing to answer any questions, you may have."


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