moving images from the country Fordlandia

strange dubs

this week netwaves plays different kinds of dub from the twilight zone; we now go into the summerstop and return the 18th of sep.: have a nice and sunny holiday!

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watch this breathtaking video, with nice electronic idm-beats from 'Nadejda goes to Stardom' - don't try this at home! from DAST netlabel

pop on the rocks

this week netwaves plays the newest bits'n'bytes from the twilight zone

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sit back for this beautiful sad electronics gem, part from a live performance and released by netlabel GodHatesGodRecords

Sylphides - Trips from Sylphides (pat et lo) on Vimeo.

Sylphides - Trips
Video realised by Sylphides december 2012.
@Sylphides 2012.
Pat et Lo.

new waves

this week we welcome a new - anonymous - listener: the NSA!
we heard they use Prism headphones: netwaves prefers the ones with a german name ;-)

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this week netwaves plays e-music from the final frontier

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double trip

Lazy Sundays juni

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