Chill Bill

this week netwaves presents some easy electronics in cinemascope, with the hallmark "made on a computer somewhere in the world"

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Scorpio's Lazy Sundays

Volgende zondag 28 april bedient dj-duo RuE9 de knoppen van de geluidsinstallatie van café Entrepot.

relaxed beats

this week netwaves recommends some relaxed beats for this cold weather

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some oldies

this week netwaves covers some tunes we recently discovered, but were already published in earlier years; regarding the podcast: there's no presentation due to illness of the presentator

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netwaves gives you a massage of relaxing free stuff
*** due to a computercrash, no podcast this episode! ***

[nws256] netwaves 7.23: takeiteezy

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music for lazy sundays

mb3 was asked to make a musical contribution to Smiles Davies' (Radio Scorpio: Night Shop) concept Sunday Morning Sessions, in which deejays and friends make a mix of tunes they like to hear when they wake up on sundaymorning/midday; the result is a wave of happy, softie, loungy poppy tunes, sometimes sad, many times with a smile


Internet Archive

foto: cc: by Lieve W.

slow waves

this week netwaves is all about slow styles of music: post-prog-hop

[nws255] netwaves 7.22: slowwaves


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bu rundip white!

volgende zondag kan u de oplossing komen vragen op de vraag "bu rundip white?"
- tip: loungy, jazzy, funky, chilly
- another tip: RuE9 + indip

netwaves 7.21: e-lec-tronics

this week netwaves selects the nicest tunes for brass wire

[nws254] netwaves 7.21: e-lec-tronics


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